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Reduce basket abandonment with unrivalled CX visibility

Get up and running in 2 weeks


✔no software to install
✔zero tech changes 
✔no tech team time

01. Reduce basket abandonment

Guaranteed 0.2 to 2% reduction in basket abandonment

Identify and resolve CX friction disrupting your customers' online experience and hampering your checkout process.  We uncover hidden causes of CX friction that remain undetected with other solutions -  business logic issues, selective slowdowns and technical errors.


02. No software to install

Zero tech changes or tech team time required

No software to install, zero platform or stack changes and no tech team required. You can be up and running within 2 weeks. 

03. Save staff resources

Save resources by 1.2 - 7.3 FTEs

 Video replay of every error

Video replay of  errors enables fast, easy identification of errors and slowdowns, saving you time and resources.

 Unite teams around a single point of truth for all CX data

Fewer internal meetings plus reduced inter-team friction and internal blame with a single point of truth for all your real-world CX data. 


Over 50 leading brands trust thinkTribe to protect their digital CX


What our clients say

“thinkTribe's CX monitoring has been invaluable in driving down our mean incident response time. We’re able to pick up on issues as soon as they occur, much faster than depending on feedback from customer services teams. And the thinkTribe Support team are second-to-none, always proactively picking up on lower-level issues and responding to requests.”

Marcus Liberman  - Boden
Head of IT Operations

How we help leading UK brands reduce lost baskets

Eliminate CX friction before it impacts your customers checkout journeys, with no software to install and no tech team time required.  Find more CX issues, faster and prioritise fixes.

Our cloud-based customer experience monitoring service acts as real shoppers visiting your site 24/7 and performing the same actions your customers do  with real browsers - navigating, searching, choosing product options and adding to basket.

Identify and resolve CX issues that are causing friction along your online journeys and hampering your checkout process, that would otherwise go un-noticed. 

Discover how thinkTribe can help you reduce lost baskets and improve your conversion rates.

Ready to learn more about eliminating CX friction?

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