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Uncover the hidden causes of digital CX friction

Are you blind to the hidden causes of CX friction on your online store?

1. Business logic issues
2. Intermittent slowdowns
3. Technical errors

Eliminate preventable CX friction before it stops your customers checking out, with unrivalled visibility of your customers' online experience.


Are you blind to three major causes of CX friction on your online store?

Every website suffers from hidden CX friction, undetected by conventional monitoring and error logs.  Learn more about three major causes of online friction leading to numerous hidden issues disrupting your users' online journeys and stopping your customers in their tracks.

01. Business logic issues leave products temporarily unbuyable

Business logic issues lead to a multitude of CX friction that can leave customers frustrated and unable to checkout.


Missing prices, empty product swatches, add to basket buttons working incorrectly and out-of-stock products, are a few examples of the resulting friction causing basket abandonment.

These issues fall under the radar when it comes to traditional error detection and responsibility lies with business teams, so your tech teams will be unaware and unable to fix these critical issues.


02. Intermittent slowdowns escalate abandonment

Speed is crucial when it comes to conversions but how do you know when and where intermittent slowdowns are occurring on your site and what action to take to prevent them?

Elusive speed issues are difficult to detect and fix. They come and go, manifesting on specific areas of your online store, particular products, or only at certain times. Traditional monitoring will not catch these instances.

03. Technical errors hamper checkout journeys

Bugs in your software, underlying technology, or platform, can remain undisclosed in error logs, especially when they’re specific to a certain product, product options, or basket or occurring in a subset of customer journeys or at particular times.


The result is CX friction that stops your customers completing their checkout journeys.


Over 50 leading brands trust thinkTribe to protect their digital CX


What our clients say

“thinkTribe's CX monitoring has been invaluable in driving down our mean incident response time. We’re able to pick up on issues as soon as they occur, much faster than depending on feedback from customer services teams. And the thinkTribe Support team are second-to-none, always proactively picking up on lower-level issues and responding to requests.”

Marcus Liberman  - Boden
Head of IT Operations

How we help leading UK brands uncover the hidden causes of CX friction

Eliminate CX friction before it impacts your customers checkout journeys, with no software to install and no tech team time required. Our human approach helps you uncover hidden CX issues, faster and prioritise fixes.


Unrivalled CX visibility with a human approach

Our cloud-based customer experience monitoring service takes a human approach, acting as real shoppers visiting your site 24/7 and performing the same actions your customers do  with real browsers - navigating, searching, choosing product options and adding to basket.

This real-world approach to monitoring means we identify and help you resolve CX issues that are hampering your checkout process, that would otherwise go un-noticed with traditional monitoring or error logs. 

Discover how thinkTribe can help reduce basket abandonment  and improve conversion rates.

Ready to learn more about reducing hidden digital CX friction?

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Every website suffers from hidden CX friction, issues that error logs and conventional monitoring fail to capture. While these obstacles may remain hidden from your view, your customers are acutely aware of their presence.

In this guide we highlight the primary causes of hidden online friction disrupting your users' online journeys and stopping your customers in their tracks. Join us as we uncover these hidden hurdles, enabling you to address them and safeguard your bottom line.


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